Sunday, 12 May 2019

Sugar Momma in Dubai Online now and ready for dating

My name is Farizad – Sweet Sugar Momma, i am currently online now, and i am ready for dating, i am a sugar momma in dubai, UAE for over 4 and half years after i divorced my husband, i think i am yet to get the kind of person i would spend my whole time dating with, that is why i dropped by here so i can reach other people who may be interested in me, i am fresh and i am interested in men.
Sugar Momma in Dubai Online, Interested in Men:
Once again, My Name is Farizad, am 48 years old, and i have been divorced for a long while now, i am in need of a Sugar Man, Toy Boy or Sugar boy which ever, Sofar you are ready for dating, i currently stay in Dubai, the popular United Arab Emirates, please take the below interest of mine at heart, i share it to Sugar Mummy Online Website.
I am from the White / Caucasian race, my family roots is Iranian, i have green eyes, blonde hairs as you can see from above photos, i also do not care your race or color sofar you are ready for dating or marriage, your age or location is not the matter, hopefully am living fine, i work on my personal owned clothing mini business and i believe am okay financially, please take my interest at heart.
am looking for a man to marry again or date i wanna be happy n i wanna make a man happy too who hadnt a good life like me n am full feeling good about a new beginning n i need some one like myself n i prefer a man almost my age 28 to 50 i love music , dance , cooking , daily exercise n stay fit.
If you are seriously seeking to meet Farizad a sweet sugar momma, on the Latest dating Site ever! i believe you should immediately drop your details below, you may hear from her anytime soon or she may call or contact you.
I Wish you all Luck!.

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